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BEC Vantage Masterclass

Tests, extra activities, and Answer Keys

First Certificate Skills: Use of English

Tests and Answer Keys

Michigan ECPE Official Past Papers PDF ( 1 MB )

Answer Key

PET Masterclass

Tests and extra activities

Tactics for TOEIC Listening and Reading Test

Download the audio scripts for the Student’s Book audio.

Placement and practice testing

Dave Allan looks at the placement and practice tests on oxfordenglishtesting.com and discusses the possible applications of the Learning Management System.

Michigan ECCE PDF ( 35 KB )

Tests Key

Oxford Placement Tests 1 & 2

Answer Keys

TOEIC Teacher's Guide PDF

"A Teacher's Guide to TOEIC Listening and Reading Test: Preparing Your Students for Success" by Grant Trew, author of Tactics for TOEIC Listening and Reading Test and Tactics for TOEIC Speaking and Writing Tests.

New Countdown to First Certificate Teacher's Book PDF ( 2 MB )

Download the Teacher’s Book for Teaching Notes, Answer Keys, Audio Scripts, Unit Tests and Progress Tests.

Teaching Adults - March 2014

News, interviews and resources specifically for teachers of adults.

Get the most out of group, peer and self-assessment

Successful writers or speakers often ask a peer for feedback. Find out how your students can improve by assessing themselves, and one another.

How to survive in the freelance market
Part Five - Quality control and maintaining satisfied clients

Freelance professionals Mike Hogan and Bethany Cagnol share advice on how to develop long-lasting relationships with your clients.

What makes a good coursebook?
Part Four - Language as communication

This is the last part of Robin Walker's series on the secrets of a good coursebook. Here, he argues that speaking activities need to be personal, possible and purposeful.

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