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Get your students to learn together – in class and online

What is collaborative learning?

Collaborative learning is when a group of two or more students work together to achieve a shared goal. Students interact and share their knowledge to complete a task, learning together along the way.

With pair work and group work, learners practice communicating in English at the same time, leaving you to monitor students, take notes and give feedback.

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How to run pair work and group work activities with your class

Here you will find some tips and ideas for running pair work and group work with your adult learners – in class, online and in the virtual classroom.

Watch these videos for practical tips on running collaborative activities inside and outside of the classroom:

Video Tip 1
Video Tip 2
Video Tip 3

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Try these pair work and group work activities

Use these free speaking activities from Smart Choice Fourth Edition to get your students working and learning together.

Starter (A1)


Teaching notes

Level 1 (A1-A2)


Teaching notes

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The new edition of Smart Choice includes even more pair work and group work to get students speaking:

  • Over To You activities help students to create their own dialogues in English.
  • Dedicated speaking lessons with quizzes, surveys, and games give learners real opportunities to speak.

Find out more about Smart Choice. Take a look at the digital brochure and request sample materials.

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