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Using iTools after 2020 – what you need to know

We appreciate that iTools are popular with teachers and students and have been used for many years. Unfortunately, iTools needs Adobe Flash to run, and Adobe has now stopped supporting Flash. This means any device running Flash, like iTools, will be open to security risks.

Many Oxford courses now offer Classroom Presentation Tools which do not use Adobe Flash. Classroom Presentation Tools give you interactive student books or workbooks, and a range of features to support your teaching.

  • Learn more about Classroom Presentation Tools and which courses have Classroom Presentation Tools here.
  • Contact your local OUP office here to find out how they can help you move from iTools to Classroom Presentation Tools, and more about what features are available in the Classroom Presentation Tool for your course.

Teachers' Club


What is the Teachers' Club?
  • Access free teaching materials - You'll never be stuck for ideas with free lesson plans, worksheets, tips and flashcards for all learner levels, from primary to adult.
  • Get new teaching ideas and advice - You'll find lots of practical information and advice to support your professional development including articles written by leading authors and teachers and a glossary of words and phrases used in English language teaching.
  • Share your views and ideas - Have your questions answered and share your opinions with teachers around the world with our online debates.
  • Find links to essential websites - The Teachers' Club has links to over 300 websites containing useful information for English language teachers.
  • Get our emails in your inbox - During the signup process you'll get the chance to opt-in to receive our email updates, in return we'll send you free teaching resources, updates on our latest releases and special offers.

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Do I have to pay to be a member of the Teachers' Club?

The Teachers' Club is completely free.

Is it worth joining the Oxford Teachers' Club?

Please go to the Teachers' Club home page – you will immediately see what's available. We allow you to explore the Club a little, so that you can see the range of material we offer. We think you'll agree that the Teachers' Club offers a rich resource for the busy teacher, and hope that we will soon be welcoming you as a registered member.


Why do I need to register for the Teachers' Club?

We ask you to register your name, email address, postal address, and your interests. We will use this information to ensure we offer the right mix of materials, so that there is material to interest everyone using the Club. If you give us permission, we will email you from time to time to update you on the site, especially if the new material corresponds to your interests.

Do I need to register to view your materials?

We regret that if you choose not to register, then you will not be able to access the Teachers' Club material.

Do I have to register every time I visit the Teachers' Club?

You are only required to register the first time you visit. Once you have a username and password you can login using these details.

Personal Details

How can I change my email address?

Once you have logged into the Teachers' Club you will need to click a link at the top-right of the page titled 'View/edit profile'. On this page you can view and update any of your details including your email address.

How can I change my personal information?

Once you have logged into the Teachers' Club you will need to click a link at the top-right of the page titled 'View/edit profile'. On this page you can view and update any of your details.

How can I change my username and password?

Once you have logged into the Teachers' Club you will need to click a link at the top-right of the page titled 'View/edit profile'. On this page you will need to click the "Update your username and/or password" link.


My verification link didn't work, what should I do?

Please try logging in with your username and password. If this doesn't work please contact us.

How can I delete cookies from my browser?

Follow the guidelines for your browser below:

Internet Explorer
  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Tools > Internet Options
  • Select the "General" tab
  • Click the "Delete Cookies…" button.
  • Restart Internet Explorer
  • Open Firefox
  • Tools > Options
  • Select the "Privacy" tab
  • Under the "Private Data" section click the "Clear Now…" button.
  • Make sure "Cookies" is checked and click "Clear Private Data Now"

Please note that these are only guidelines and your browser may be different.

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