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If you feel nervous, you are not confident about something, or you feel a little afraid.

  • I have a job interview tomorrow. I feel really nervous about it.
  • I'm nervous about staying here alone tonight. Will you stay with me?
It can also be used to describe a feeling of tension or excitement you can't bear.
  • If he misses the penalty, my team will be out of the competition. I'm so nervous I can't watch.
Or it means `of the body's nerves'.
  • We studied the nervous system in Biology at school.

Check out its collocations

a nervous laugh
nervous energy
a nervous breakdown
nervous tension
a nervous glance
nervous exhaustion
a nervous wreck
(= a person who is very nervous)

Check out words with the same root

Nervy (adjective)

  • She's a very nervy person. Always biting her nails, and her voice shakes if she has to make a speech.
    (= anxious/unconfident)
Nerve-racking (adjective)
  • I had to sit outside her office, waiting to hear if I had been offered the job. It was really nerve-racking.
    (= causing nervous strain)
Nerveless (adjective)
  • Schumacher is a nerveless driver. Nothing worries him.
    (=brave/never nervous)

Check out related words
  • anxious
  • worried
  • tense
  • excited
  • concerned

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