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Bury means to put in the ground or to cover up.

  • Frank died on Tuesday, and was buried in the graveyard on Friday.
  • The dog buried a bone in the garden.
  • I've found that letter. It was buried under lots of pieces of paper on my desk.
  • The memory of those terrible events was buried deep in his subconscious.

It can also mean to put something deep inside.

  • He buried his hands in his pockets.
  • The dog buried its teeth deep into her leg.
  • The striker had an easy goal, and buried the ball in the back of the net.
Check out collocations
  • bury a body
  • bury a myth
    ( = prove something is wrong)
  • bury your differences
    ( = stop arguing and make friends)
  • buried treasure
  • buried alive
    ( = killed by being covered in earth)
  • dead and buried
    ( = dead for a long time / completely finished and forgotten)
Check out expressions

She buried her face in her hands with embarrassment.
( = She was so embarrassed she covered her face.)

She buried her head in a book.
( = She pretended to read a book closely so no-one could see her face.)

She buried herself in her work.
( = She concentrated deeply on her work.)

He buried himself away in the country.
( = He went there to be quiet and alone.)

He buried his head in the sand.
( = He avoided a problem, and hoped it would go away.)

They buried the hatchet.
( = They stopped arguing and became friends.)

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  • cover
  • conceal
  • hide

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