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Welcome to the Into the classroom series page. Materials from the books in the series and extra resources are available through the links below. We’ll be adding to this page as the series grows, so it’s always worth coming back to see what’s new.

Mobile Learning - Shaun Wilden

With more than 7.5 billion mobile devices in use around the world, it is clear that we live in a mobile world. Mobile Learning is a practical introduction to the use of mobile devices for language learning. Here you will find sample pages from the book, supplementary materials to use with your students, links to relevant blogposts, and a personal note from the author.

Motivational Teaching – Nick Thorner

There are many factors that can have impact on students’ motivation to learn, from the classroom environment to background factors. Find here extra activities providing innovative teaching ideas and strategies to help develop and increase learner motivation, plus a personal note from the author.

Mixed-Ability Teaching – Edmund Dudley and Erika Osváth

In a mixed-ability class, there can be significant differences in the language proficiency of individual students. Find here a personal note from the authors, as well as extra activities for discovering and freeing the potential of your own mixed-ability groups.

Bringing online video into the classroom – Jamie Keddie

Make the most of online video resources in your lessons: links are provided here for all the videos referenced in this book. While you’re here, why not watch our author interview on how this book can help you to bring online video into your classroom?

Bringing creative teaching into the young learner classroom – Lynne Cameron and Penny McKay

Personalize your English lessons for young learners with new ideas for motivating children to speak English, encouraging learner autonomy and self-assessment, and getting the most out of your coursebook.

Learning Technology – Gordon Lewis

How do we bridge the gap between the teaching strategies of the analogue classroom and the digital world in which we live? Learning Technology provides a solid framework for technology integration in the ELT classroom. Here you will find a personal note from the author, sample pages from the book, and further supplementary materials for use in the classroom.

Special Educational Needs – Marie Delaney

All students benefit from learning in inclusive classrooms where differences are supported and celebrated.  Find here checklists to help you recognize the main types of SEN, as well as extra materials providing tips and strategies on how to make learning accessible to all of your students.

Literature – Amos Paran and Pauline Robinson

Literature can be a powerful resource in the classroom when used in learner-centred ways.  Find here extra activities for engaging your students with literature, as well as the supplementary texts and materials referred to in the book.

Bringing extensive reading into the classroom

Extensive reading brings substantial benefits to language learning. Find out about the importance of extensive free reading, how to develop extensive reading materials, choosing the right graded readers for your class, exploiting class readers, developing class libraries, and setting up and running reading circles.

Bringing technology into the classroom – Gordon Lewis

Make the most of the technology available to teachers of English including word processing tools, interactive whiteboards, email and chat, the world wide web, and web 2.0.

An author interview with Jamie Keddie

Jamie Keddie, author of Bringing Online Video into the Classroom, talks about using and creating video content in the classroom and how he hopes his book will help teachers.

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